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Contract Management Benchmarking Survey 2021

Welcome to the Contract Management Benchmarking survey for 2021. the survey is now in its eigth consecutive year. We welcome back previous and new participants to this years survey.

1. The survey is designed to reflect a corporate best practice approach to Contract Management.

2. The survey questions consider a client (or buy side) perspective of managing contracts.

3. Your responses should on based on your own Contract Management activity i.e. how you manage contracts.

4. The average time spent by previous participants on line to complete the survey is less than one hour

5. The survey is presented in different sections to reflect the Element structure of the model. There are 12 sections in total to complete which includes a background section.

6. The questions have menu driven answers. Each question and answer may not be an exact match for your business and we suggest when you find yourself in this situation that the best fit answer will be acceptable.

7. Some questions are linked and depend on your initial answer. Depending on your answer you will be presented with subsequent questions that are otherwise not visible. If in doubt, select the positive or YES answer to display additional questions and answers. Select if appropriate otherwise re-select the NO answer.

8. You can partially complete, save and then return to the survey at a later stage. If you do this you will be provided with a password to access the same survey later. This is a system generated,  unique password and is only issued to you. It is essential that you write this down and remember it for later otherwise you will have to start a new survey. We have no access to the passwords that are generated.

9. You will have the option to print your answers on completion of the survey. We recommend that you print out your survey answers and keep them for future reference.

10. On completion, you will be issued with another password which provides access to the Participant Zone on the website. You can access previous and future event materials via the Participant Zone.

The Contract Management Benchmarking survey was developed on behalf of Royal Bank of Scotland by the University of Southampton and SCMG. The website and survey including all content are © SCMG. No further use of this material is permitted unless agreed in writing with SCMG.

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There are 249 questions in this survey.